Our lockbox solution provides fully integrated processing across our payment P.O. Box and billing data. This allows you to save on workforce resources by quickly resolving exceptions with the use of auto-generated look up files.


Product Details

Lockbox payments are sent to our managed P.O. box where they are immediately scanned and cross-referenced with billing data from document processing. Payments that would ordinarily be handled as exceptions are processed and included in the day’s payment batch because of the integration with billing data.


Management Portal

The Lockbox management portal allows users to review individual payments to decision any exceptions that may have been generated due to missing identifying data. Exceptions can be minimized (and therefore lockbox costs reduced) due to a powerful connection from the billing data that automatically matches payments made without coupons to the appropriate account based on the payment data that’s cross-referenced with the raw billing data.

Why MPX?


As technology advances, so do our offerings. We are committed to investing in only the most cutting-edge back-end components to help our solutions platform—and your business—run smoothly.


Our agile team is able to quickly adapt not only to your individual business needs, but also to the unique needs of your customers. We are not a one-size-fits-all solution and will continue to evolve alongside you.


The protection of client information is our number one priority. We undergo rigorous security testing and continuous employee training, as well as adhere to all data security requirements. We are SOC, HIPAA, HITRUST, and PCI compliant. 


From initial consultation to implementation and beyond, we have your back. You’ll have access to an experienced team that strives to provide only the highest level of customer service and satisfaction.

The InsureLinq® Advantage

With InsureLinq®, MPX offers you a strategic business advantage against the issues facing Property & Casualty carriers.

We deliver unparalleled service, are backed by a legacy of experience and driven by a team of creative innovators, plus provide a simple pricing model structured according to your business needs. 

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