Simplified Inbound and Outbound Communications Management

EnergyLinq® is a custom-designed, fully integrated, cloud-based communications solution specially created for Energy dealers. We help differentiate your business by giving you tools to streamline your internal operations and enhance your customer experience.  

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Correspondence Products

EnergyLinq® allows you to manage all your customer communications from one central location—simply, efficiently, and more effectively.


The EnergyLinq® Portal


Rendering Engine

Includes document composition, rendering, and design expertise. Build custom communications from scratch, or clone or modify existing documents and templates.


Virtual Mailroom

Single, unified interface to manage inbound mail, undeliverable returned mail, inbound payments, and all outbound one-to-one correspondence.  Outbound mailings are batched and mailed daily, becoming a searchable document in the portal.


Self-Serve Portals

EnergyLinq® provides a self-serve tool for templated design modifications on the fly or one-time ad hoc mailings.  The user-friendly portal offers a brand-controlled environment with variable content flexibility.


Command Center

A comprehensive set of staff tools overseen by a dedicated project manager to run correspondence operations—including mail dates, compliance requirements, and work-in-progress oversight. All audited, automated, and with a one-day Service-Level-Agreement (SLA).

Why MPX?


As technology advances, so do our offerings. We are committed to investing in only the most cutting-edge back-end components to help our solutions platform—and your business—run smoothly. 


Our agile team is able to quickly adapt not only to your individual business needs, but also to the unique needs of your customers. We are not a one-size-fits-all solution and will continue to evolve alongside you.


The protection of client information is our number one priority. We undergo rigorous security testing and continuous employee training, as well as adhere to all data security requirements. We are SOC, HIPAA, HITRUST, and PCI compliant. 


From initial consultation to implementation and beyond, we have your back. 

You’ll have access to an experienced team that strives to provide only the highest level of customer service and satisfaction.

The EnergyLinq® Advantage

We understand your industry and the unique challenges you face. That’s why EnergyLinq® allows you to create and send clear, consistent, and accurate correspondence without burdening your internal team.

Budget statements that answer questions with logic and clarity.

Plan renewal mailings.

Lockbox payment solutions that reduce costly exception processing thanks to our unique data integration and access to previously sent billing documents.

Easy-to-use customer service portals allowing your support team to readily access contracts, budget statements, other communications, and payment history so that issues are remedied with both competence and speed.

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