Full Suite of Comprehensive Communications Solutions

InsureLinq® is a custom-designed, fully integrated, cloud-based communications solution specially tuned for the Property & Casualty Insurance market. We’ve evolved day-to-day recurring correspondence to improve impact, cost, loyalty, and growth. With over 80 years of deep experience and innovation in outbound, inbound, print, digital, payments, and data integration, we bring ease and efficiency to carriers, brokers, and staff.

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Correspondence Products

From sending policy documents, invoices, claim checks, proof of insurance cards, and ad hoc letters to processing your inbound mail, claims, and payments, InsureLinq® lets you manage all your customer communications from one central location— simply, easily, efficiently, and more effectively.


The InsureLinq® Portal


Rendering Engine

Includes document composition, rendering, and design expertise. Build custom communications from scratch, or clone or modify existing documents and templates.


Virtual Mailroom

Single, unified interface to manage inbound mail and payments, undeliverable returned mail, USPS Certificate of Mailing forms (outgoing and returned/stamped), as well as outbound one-to-one correspondence. Outbound mailings are batched and mailed daily, becoming a searchable document in the portal.


Template Design Tools

InsureLinq® offers an ad hoc mailing tool to initiate one-time mailings to customers or other entities, expertly balancing branding and messaging controls with variable content flexibility. Self-serve, templated design modifications on the fly for applicable ongoing program mailings such as data-driven correspondence. 


Command Center

A comprehensive set of staff tools overseen by a dedicated project manager to run your correspondence operations, including mail dates, compliance requirements, and work-in-progress oversight. All audited, automated, and with a one-day Service-Level-Agreement (SLA).

Why MPX?


As technology advances, so do our offerings. We are committed to investing in only the most cutting-edge back-end components to help our solutions platform—and your business—run smoothly.


Our agile team is able to quickly adapt not only to your individual business needs, but also to the unique needs of your customers. We are not a one-size-fits-all solution and will continue to evolve alongside you.


The protection of client information is our number one priority. We undergo rigorous security testing and continuous employee training, as well as adhere to all data security requirements. We are SOC, HIPAA, HITRUST, and PCI compliant.


From initial consultation to implementation and beyond, we have your back.You’ll have access to an experienced team that strives to provide only the highest level of customer service and satisfaction.

The InsureLinq® Advantage

With InsureLinq®, MPX offers you a strategic business advantage against the issues facing Property & Casualty carriers.

Expense Management

While service excellence is as important as ever in the face of competition, inflationary influence on staff cost, equipment costs, marketing, postage, and under-utilized real estate has put increasing pressure on expenses.

Ingenuity & Problem Solving

Already identified—and yet to be discovered—industry and local pressures call for creativity and critical thinking. Our combination of ever-evolving technology and dedicated problem solving is the solution. Collaboration between carriers, brokers, and highly effective partners can become even more powerful to ensure success and winning together.

Changing Customer Behaviors

The digital age with online carriers and heavy advertising has intensified insurance consumer shopping. Consumer expectations are high, as is the need for carriers and agents to deliver ease and thoughtful communications. Regulations continue to require annual policy delivery, and the frequency of billing has shifted to shorter intervals. Whether these communications are sent digitally or traditionally by mail, they are opportunities to inspire loyalty.

Evolving Workplace

The shift to at-home work driven by the pandemic has fundamentally changed the traditional office-based model and expectations of today’s workforce. While some positions can easily work remotely, other roles and functions necessitate altered infrastructure and controls. Outsourcing these functions to a highly qualified technology partner can positively impact staffing, expense management, and efficiency.

InsureLinq® Cloud Technology Platform

A comprehensive platform with 24/7 on-demand access to all carrier, agent, and customer communications, InsureLinq® enables you to always have full access to all of your communications assets any time, anywhere.

Loss Ratio Pressure

As carriers exit the pandemic, the frequency and severity of claims is increasing. Supply chain issues and inflationary pressure on repair parts and building materials also increase claim settlement costs.

What is Insurlinq®?

InsureLinq® is a flexible, scalable, and complete communications solution for Property & Casualty Insurance providers that is delivered with unparalleled expertise and backed by a legacy of quality. InsureLinq® elevates customer and agent / carrier interactions to nothing less than world class by combining state-of-the-art technology with hands-on expertise in communications, design, security, and bidirectional data integration.

The Insurlinq® Solution

Our unique, cloud-based delivery model is big enough to provide the sophisticated solutions you need, yet our company is incredibly nimble to provide the flexible, hands-on attention you deserve to meet all of your inbound and outbound communications needs.

Expertise in Data Management and Design

With over 80 years of experience in print production, design, and fulfillment, we make the most of every customer communication, saving you time and money while increasing customer satisfaction and decreasing inbound calls. We will deliver the right communication, to the right audience, at the right time, using the right medium. Every choice is carefully considered to optimize every contact with your brokers and policy holders for efficiency, value and satisfaction.

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