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The MPXLinq Technology platform enables organizations to combine resources, knowledge, and technologies, creating win-win collaborations for both parties.

MPX accelerates the deployment of critical communications for core Industry Ecosystem Partners and their customers, driving unique partner and end customer differentiation in today’s dynamic and highly competitive landscape.

Improved Speed to Market

(from months to weeks) when implementing critical communications for partner clients

Cost Effective Implementations

Leverage standard input data and common infrastructure, improve on-going program management through partner rates achieved from economies of scale and resource optimization

Create Marketplace Differentiation

Unique opportunity with an integrated system / communication platform

Seamless User Experience and Vendor Consolidation

Supported by hand-off processes that run automatically between third party and MPX systems ensuring data freshness and vendor centralization

Product and Process Standardization

Allowing for a cost efficient, easily deployable and high effective client communications

Enhance Core Partner Offerings

Adds a fully comprehensive communication hub that underlies your existing core function

Opportunity to Cross Sell

Enhance customer experience and revenue growth potential with a core partner system and integrated offering

MPX can be your communications engine that facilitates all stakeholder communications for your customers--in any form (paper, email, text, fax), over any timeframe (4 hr. to 2 Day SLA).

Let’s explore integrating and partnering with us today.

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