The Problem with Health Plan One-Off Mailings

One-off mailings are commonly viewed as a nuisance by health plans and TPAs. They’re sometimes unexpected, urgent and can create a scramble to deliver accurately and on-time. Others are rote, annual compliance mailings that come at great expense, though with little value to members. Vendors that specialize in recurring health plan communications are often reluctant to take on one-off mailings; some refuse altogether, placing even more burden on plans and TPAs.

As a result, many rely on either internal production or on small, non-specialized mail shops to deliver these sensitive one-off mailings to members and providers. Both have limited competencies with integrations for complex data. Mail piece design and shipping method limitations. Production efficiency and economies of scale are also limited,
which are critical to cost containment.

The Solution

The right partner can eliminate the pain of one-offs and likely do it for less expense. MPX, specializes in both recurring and one-off health plan communications. For many years we have solved this business problem for our clients with highly effective one-off solutions, which are born from decades of experience in printing, mailing, integrations, and health plan communications.

Another vendor consideration is one who can consolidate your one-off communications with other recurring documents. For instance, we recently saved a health plan more than $100,000 in postage and printing expense by including their annual privacy policy documents with their monthly invoices. We eliminated the separate privacy mailing. With a close evaluation of your mail programs, there is likely significant opportunity for postage and printing savings through consolidation and improved mail piece design.

At MPX, we welcome one-offs of all types and sizes, whether just a few critical mail pieces that need to get out to members, or hundreds of thousands of letters to be mailed within a day or two. Our in-house programming, security design and production capabilities are built to produce and mail checks, kits, letters, tax documents, etc. with efficiency and ease. We offer the full range of delivery options including email, next day, first class and standard shipping options.

The next time you’re faced with a one-off, consider outsourcing. Let your vendor focus on the details, so you and your team can focus on what you do best.

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