Combining Privacy Notices With Invoices

Organizations can achieve significant production and postage savings by including privacy and other notices with recurring correspondence, such as with EOBs and invoices for instance. With HealthLinq® by MPX, organizations can identify and securely combine appropriate mailings with minimal effort.

“By combining annual Privacy Notice mailings with monthly member invoices, this plan was able to save over 70%.”

Healthcare Insurers are required to send certain regulatory notices, such as Privacy Notices, to members on a regular basis. Organizations often print and send these notices out to members as a separate correspondence incurring significant postal expense.

Health plan operational leaders often approach us looking for practical and convenient ways to reduce operating expenses. By making thoughtful operational design changes to required communications, plans can potentially realize materials cost reductions with little to no labor costs.

Healthcare insurers can potentially combine regulatory-required notices with other member correspondence to unlock production and postal savings while staying compliant with federal and state regulations.

Organizations can quickly identify opportunities for consolidating member correspondence with HealthLinq® by MPX. HealthLinq®’s automation capabilities allow organizations to develop custom branded materials that can be pre-printed or personalized on-demand.  These materials can then be combined into consolidated mailings for members that can yield material production and postal costs.

MPX recently completed such a review with a rapidly growing regional health plan. First identifying the opportunity to reduce the need for the health plan to send out and track privacy notices as separate mailings, MPX proposed combining the mailing of those notices with premium invoices that were routinely sent to approximately 85% of their members.

Using HealthLinq®, MPX was able to automate the entire process as well as track and report on the Privacy Notice distribution to meet regulatory requirements. This change saved the company an average of $0.47 per piece in reduced production and postal costs per mailing or over 70% from their previous mailings.

Through HealthLinq®’s Custom Design and Integration services, MPX can help your organization find material savings in a variety of health plan communications.  Learn more about how HealthLinq® by MPX can help your organization identify and implement similar cost savings measures by speaking with our solutions team.