Friday Health Plans — A Study in the Successful Integration of Multiple Plans and Brands

Growing pains are real, for people and companies. And when you’re a health plan that rapidly expands its business footprint from one state to four in less than a year, those pains need attention before they’re felt by members. With the help of its strategic partners, Friday Health Plans was not only able to integrate the communications operations of multiple plans into one, but vastly improved upon overall efficiency for its staff and usability for its members.

“Our big challenge was to onboard and assimilate multiple plans with thousands of members simultaneously and provide them all with the same experience,” adds Toni Leach, Project Manager at Friday Health Plans. “This was a huge undertaking, especially with so much variable data. We’re talking different data fields based on states, plans and even by member.”

Started in 2015, Friday Health primarily serves the needs of individuals and small businesses who access health plans through the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Originally serving a member base of approximately 10,000 in Colorado, the company expanded its consumer-focused model to New Mexico, Nevada and Texas in 2020. In less than a year, Friday Health Plans added over 60,000 new members spread across four states. Each state featured between eight to twenty unique health plans, managed under their own brands and governed by their home state’s regulatory bodies.

With an overall consumer-centric approach focused on operational efficiency, top-notch customer service, and smart technology, a streamlined and efficient correspondence program was vital to Friday Health Plans. The company had to act quickly if it was to continue to offer the level of service which was critical to its growth and high member satisfaction levels. Friday’s technology partner, UST HealthProof, suggested HealthLinq® by MPX as the platform and service to design its correspondence, harness and apply data from multiple sources, and ultimately deliver its critical member correspondence accurately and on-time. Friday Health Plans agreed that HealthLinq®’s universal correspondence platform, integration smarts, and deep printing and postage expertise was the right fit.

The MPX team worked closely, over many months, with Friday’s information technology, marketing and project management teams, as well as the core software integration team from UST HealthProof, to define the business rules for the new correspondence process and develop the unique programming needed to get the right information from the right places and onto the right documents. Templates were redefined and data streams carefully audited and mapped to each document to account for the multitude of different fields necessitated by the varied compliance and regulatory needs of each state and plan.

In addition to managing the complex data coming from multiple sources, MPX also identified ways to streamline mailings for the plan — saving time and resources. In particular, the welcome kit was completely redesigned to be more durable and cost effective.

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