Combining ID Cards with Other Plan Documents for Savings and Ease

“HealthLinq® allows Plans to optimize each customer contact, ensuring a world class customer experience with each interaction while streamlining internal operations.”

Management of high volume communications is an intricate process and leaves many opportunities for errors. Large and complex mailings can be costly and cumbersome while not always delivering the optimal customer experience, leading to confusion, frustration and multiple calls to customer support from dissatisfied members.

Healthcare Insurance payers are under increasing pressure to improve member satisfaction while lowering operating costs all while surviving in an environment of perpetual change. Much of the burden for improving operations falls on technical departments seeking efficiencies that will not sacrifice the overall membership experience. Examining the enrollment process to ensure positive member interaction is key to finding a solution that meets technical, operational and service level requirements.

There are multiple elements of the end-to-end enrollment communications process that HealthLinq® by MPX solves for their Health Plan and TPA clients. One of the highest impact activities is helping clients assess and transform enrollment communications by optimizing design, and solving data integration complexities in order to thoughtfully combine appropriate communications into consolidated packages for members.

Through HealthLinq®’s consultative design and integration services and combined cloud technology platform for implementation, clients have achieved operational simplification, seen a material reduction in postal costs, improved member satisfaction, and staff satisfaction from a true partner with which to jointly solve these communication challenges.

One particularly fast-growing midwestern Health Plan utilized HealthLinq® to achieve a permanent improvement in operational simplicity, a reduction in costs, and ongoing member benefits by implementing recommended solutions.

By partnering with MPX and using the HealthLinq® system to manage inbound and outbound communications, Health Plans and TPAs have been able to take advantage of a number of techniques to create efficient, consolidated, and effective member enrollment communications for members including:

  • Optimization of formats to determine digital versus mail delivery, and when mailed to be at discounted First Class rates
  • Automatic and accurate collation of personalized on-demand and pre-printed material
  • Inclusion of Privacy Policy Notices for postage savings
  • Customized artwork & marketing messaging integrated throughout all materials
  • Full-color, durable plastic member ID cards integrated directly within pages for incredible flexibility and version complexity

This savings and efficiency found thanks to HealthLinq® has helped our midwestern Health Plan client with their continued growth via acquisitions and entry into new markets. Our partnership has helped them achieve these goals allowing them to expend to add new brands and plan materials in an efficient, orderly fashion.

To learn more about how HealthLinq® by MPX can help your organization simplify enrollment communications, achieve meaningful sales, and improve member satisfaction, please contact our team today and set up an initial conversation to determine if and how we can be most helpful.