Combine ID Cards with Other Plan Documents for Savings and Ease

Health plans and TPA’s annually rely on multiple print and technology vendors to deliver plan details, welcome literature, and ID cards to members. When those materials do not arrive on time or if they arrive out of sequence, members call with confusion. Members and the member services team become frustrated and unproductive as a result. Layer on significant postage expense, along with the operational burden of managing multiple vendors and countless plans, and the complexity intensifies.

Combining ID cards, welcome literature, and plan details into one data and technology driven package is a powerful way to improve member experience while eliminating expense and complexity.

A fast-growing midwestern health plan has proven the simplicity, cost effectiveness and member benefits of this model. Additionally, the plan is growing through acquisition and into new markets. Adding new brands and plan materials is simple and orderly.

With MPX, welcome packages can be produced in multiple formats, including a full-color, saddle stitched booklet or on individual sheets that are then bi-folded. Both formats are machine inserted into a 6×9 double window envelope and mailed at a discounted First-Class letter postage rate.

  • Plastic member ID cards are integrated directly within the pages, providing full color, durability and print on demand flexibility.
  • The entire package is dynamically printed for accuracy, significant design flexibility, and rapid turnaround.
  • Flexible layouts for artwork and marketing content throughout.
  • Summary of Benefits and Coverage documents are included for an unlimited number of plans.
  • Privacy Policy Notices and 1557’s are easily incorporated for compliance.
  • Contents are machine inserted using 2D barcode technology for accuracy and speed.

Consolidating multiple welcome materials eliminates mailings and the related burden on members and staff. The potential for postage and print savings is also significant. Costs per mailing will vary based on total weight and content, but you can count on this consolidated model to eliminate at least one mailing, likely more. At an estimated cost per piece of $0.85 including postage, the related savings is significant. Both members and member services also have a far better experience with all materials synchronized and timed to put members at ease.

Maybe best of all, as our clients grow into new markets, the flexible and robust MPX solution is easily scalable for new members, markets and plans.

Disrupting an inefficient but familiar member communication process featuring multiple technology partners and fulfillment vendors is daunting—especially when the responsibility for maintaining deadlines and achieving service objectives falls on the shoulders of your team. At MPX, we have the experience, commitment and tenacity to re-design and deploy solutions that work for our clients’ support teams, their IT implementation team, executive team, and most importantly, their members.