Achieving a 5 Star Medicare Rating

HealthLinq by MPX, a leader in communications solutions for Healthcare Insurance, is offering same day SLA with up to 4-hour turn time for file approval by 5:00 pm ET for time sensitive documents. Heightened regulatory compliance and member experience for sensitive communications including Utilization Management and Appeals and Grievance have plans looking for a solution to meet the SLA and include complete compliance tracking.

“At this time, 5:00 pm ET is the cut off time, however our plans include an expansion in Q1 that will allow us to extend cutoff until 8:00 pm ET”.
Manny Rodriguez, Chief Revenue Officer.

HealthLinq is a flexible, secure, scalable, complete communications solution for healthcare insurance. All communications are managed and tracked from both a web-based platform and via an API toolset. Time sensitive documents, such as Utilization Management, Appeal & Grievances, Denials, etc. can be turned around with same day service with approval by 5:00 pm ET and in the mail stream with either UPS\FedEx or USPS utilizing Intelligent Mail Barcodes (IMb) for greater visibility and tracking from postmark to delivery. HealthLinq has extensive experience and standard integrations including file feeds and APIs with partners like MHK, Altruista Health and others.

“We are committed to investing in our people, products and processes to better meet the needs of the Health Insurance industry “, affirms Rodriguez. “This year alone, our reinvestments in technology and equipment have resulted in increased processing times and capacity by 30% for our partners”.