Aligning multiple data sources and vendors to transform member communications

For most health insurance companies, there’s nothing simple about the process of executing essential member communications.

When variable data is generated by multiple technology providers and shared with multiple fulfillment vendors – possibly one for cards, EOBs, EOPs, another for welcome literature, and even another for invoices – it is difficult to determine where to start to make changes without risking disruption. Dealing with multiple choke points and the delays they can cause is frustrating, but many health insurance companies are tolerating them out of fear of causing even bigger disruptions in their attempts to reform and simplify the process. As a result, the status quo is maintained, and mediocrity is tolerated.

There is a better way.

At MPX, our core strength is navigating this complex transformation with strong business sensibilities, agile technology, and leadership to ensure all details and results are achieved.

Recently, one of our clients wanted to reinvigorate their entire health plan with improved technology, stronger communications and simplified plan offerings. A priority was to build and launch a comprehensive communications program for their members, including:

  • Member documents that were easy/quick to understand at initial reading
  • Welcome literature that engages, educates and inspires confidence
  • ID Cards properly timed for arrival to reduce/eliminate unnecessary phone calls
  • Electronic documents for members who prefer digital communication
  • Enrollment and renewal programs that are flexible, effectively managed and highly effective
  • One-off mailings built into day-to-day communications
  • Flexible integration with their new core administration system


The client’s goals were simple. The solution was anything but.

The MPX Solution

A truly outsourced, end to end communications program that included every piece of member correspondence sent on a recurring basis and annually, including electronic document rendering.

Their unique branding and intuitive design were also incorporated. MPX partnered with the client and their creative agency to bring their designs to life while ensuring they incorporated member and provider data, met postal standards, and could be produced in a cost-effective manner.

Ease of management and distribution were also critical to the project’s success. MPX implemented the client’s overall document program onto its automated production platform and tailored it to the unique document types, designs and business rules. Each document became part of a larger program with flexible business rules, parsing and rendering capabilities.

Today, when data arrives to MPX via API or SFTP, the program applies the correct member data to the appropriate document template and delivers it to production in accordance with the SLA’s for that document type. Approvals and reviewing capabilities are incorporated into this process as well.

At the end of the 4-month implementation process, we introduced:

  • An extensive document review and design process that brought intuitive design to the production of recurring documents completed with all the right data elements.
  • Branded, attractive welcome literature with variable plan data that artfully personalized every welcome brochure with each member’s specific details, such as provider information, copay and coinsurance amounts.
  • A single vendor for the delivery of enrollments, invoices, welcome literature, ID cards, EOBs EOPs, one-off mailings, as well as a multitude of smaller letter types. The MPX solution ensures impeccable accuracy and timing as well as a simplified process for health plan staff.
  • Print on demand performance for ID cards that were also integrated with welcome letters to enable ongoing changes, reduce cost and improve delivery timing.
  • The addition of a digital version for every piece of correspondence delivered via API to the health plan’s portal for online viewing.
  • The convenience, security, complete oversight and advanced auditing/control of all correspondence— print, digital, one-off and recurring—delivered from a single technology and fulfillment platform.

The Result

With MPX fulfillment technology, our client transformed their member communications into meaningful, intuitive correspondence that significantly improved member satisfaction and is inspiring loyalty. Best of all, as the client continues to grow into new markets, the flexible and robust MPX solution is easily scalable for new members and providers.

Disrupting an inefficient but familiar member communication process featuring multiple technology partners and fulfillment vendors is daunting—especially when the responsibility for maintaining deadlines and achieving service objectives falls on your shoulders. At MPX, we have the experience, commitment and tenacity to re-design and deploy solutions that work for your support teams, your IT implementation team, your executive team and most importantly, your members.

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